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10 Best Air Fryer 2022 Review: Philips vs Cosori vs Ninja vs Instant vs Dash vs GoWISE Comparison

Best Air Fryer For 2022 ( Recently Updated List)

Now Air Fryers are the most trending kitchen appliances in the Market Today. In fact, there are many Air Fryers coming into the market every day with many new and different features. But all of the Air fryers are not best for making healthy foods. So it’s very difficult to find the best healthy Air Fryers for you.

So, we have research and analysis of all the air fryers in the market today. Then here we have listed most Best Air Fryers for 2022 under many different functions. When we are listing those Fryers we have deeply care about New technologies, Price, Healthiness, Capacity (for any family), Energy Efficiency, Cooking Presets, User Reviews & Ratings (Amazon, Walmart, Best buy), Etc. So now we have made it easier to find the correct New Air Fryer for your home or kitchen. And also we have listed most of the Top-rated Airfryer brands Like Cosori, Instant, Philips, Dash, Cuisinart, NuWave, hOmeLabs, and More. We always update this list with new releases and their features.

Now you don’t need to hesitate to get your decision. Let’s read and find your perfect fit under all your needs and budget.

Overall Best Air Fryer 2022: COSORI Smart Air Fryer Review

If you want to fry various healthy food for an oil-free, Cosori Air Fryer is the best solution for you. This comes with both a Smart control and a built-in touch screen menu featuring 11 presets and Cosori Air Fryer has the most preset options in the market. You can now fry food with these preset options: Chicken, Steak, Bacon, Sea Food, Bacon, Frozen food, French Fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread and desserts. This is the best air fryer you can buy with multifunctional and user-friendly smart controls functions.

COSORI Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer 5.8QT is one of the best Smart Air Fryer in the Market now. So, You can control the air fryer using your phone and other smart home-enabled devices without any physical contact.

COSORI Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer Full Specifications 2022

Product Name Cosori Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer
Fryer Capacity5.8QT ( 5.5 L)
Dimensions (L x W x H)11.8*11.8*12.6 Inch
Weight15.88 pounds
Pre-programmed Recipes100+
Smart ControlAlexa, Google Assistant,  VeSync app
Cooking Presets11
Temp Range170-400°
Enough Food For Serves 3–5 people. 
Price 100$ – 150$

COSORI Smart Air Fryer Temperature Range

Cosori Air Fryer can work under a wide range of temperatures. It ranges from 70°–400°F / 77°–204°C in 10-degree increments and it has 0F/0C switching ability. You can set the timer from 1 minute to 60 minutes. It can gently remove the moisture from food with quick-cook as well as crisp foods with convection heat.

COSORI Wi-Fi Air Fryer Smart Control

COSORI Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer has Enabled Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant control. So you can remotely control the COSORI fryer via the VeSync app or voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. Now COSORI can make meal preparation more convenient way with your mobile devices.

COSORI Wi-Fi Air Fryer: Easy And Dishwasher Safe Cleaning.

Since this is non-sticky, it’s easy to clean the fry basket and the pot. There are a cool-touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachments. FDA-certified, PFOA-free and BPA-free removable parts are dishwasher safe. You have to remove the basket and separate them and then let your dishwasher take care of the cleaning.

Last updated on October 26, 2022 9:51 pm

It’s more than frying with healthy food choices.

Air-fried food usually has 85% less fat than deep-fried food. Cosori air fryer has adequate air circulation evenly cooks food while keeping a crispy texture. You can save your time and oil without firing up the entire oven. But Cosori Air Fryer means more than fries. You can bake eggs, roast vegetables, and even can make desserts from this. This is just about any protein which expertly cooked.

It has over 100 original pre-programmed recipes in the VeSync app to be easily started. Cook your favorites using 11 built-in, one-click presets Steak, Seafood, Poultry, Shrimp, Bacon, French Fries, Frozen Foods, Bread, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Desserts, and a Preheat option. It will easily serve your family with at least 3-5 people.

COSORI Wi-Fi Air Fryer: Size & Weight

The Fryer provides 5.8QT ( 9*9*3.75 In) capacity and 11 pre-programmed cooking Presets. Comparing the size of the Fryer you can easily move and control it as a countertop gadget in your kitchen. Product Dimensions just take 11.8*11.8*12.6 Inches and the weight is only 15.88 pounds. So Fryer will consume 1700 Watts when we fry.

COSORI Wi-Fi Air Fryer: Easy Operation.

The App & LED panel in this fryer helps the user to make choices. You only have to make the selection. Then the machine takes care of calculation and further processes for any food. This Cosori Air Fryer has a unique option of preheating which can’t find in other fryers. This helps to improve the texture of the food and only takes 2-5 minutes.

And also this air fryer has a shake reminder, to let you know when to shake the contents for every fry. Cooking time is faster than conventional ovens without reducing the quality of texture and taste.

Nonstick surface of this leads less residue left behind and also it’s easy to take out food.

  • Smart Control ( Alexa, Google )
  • Easy to cook as well as clean.
  • Less time cooking while maintaining the taste.
  • Ergonomic design to increase visibility by the angled display.
  • Include with 11 preset menus.
  • Long durability.
  • More space than other 3.7QT baskets.
  • Fryer does not have a rotisserie option.
  • Time button stops when you take food out for shaking.

Video: Cosori Smart WiFi 5.8 Quart Air Fryer Review 2022

COSORI 12-in-1 Large XL Air Fryer Oven Review

Cosori has introduced several advanced Air Fryers with different features. Max XL is one of the oldest (2017) releases of the Cosori and now they have introduced its new version (2020) called Large XL. Anyway Max XL, Smart Wifi, Large XL all three of these are having similar capacity and price too. Considering all features of them, Cosori Smart Fryer is best with its smart features. But if you don’t need smart functions please go for the latest Cosori Large XL. It was released in 2020 on June 11 and now it’s ranked under Best 50 sellers in the Amazon Air Fryer Bestseller list from thousand of Air Fryers. Cosori Large XL has got a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from 533 ratings.

Cosori Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer vs Regular Cosori Air Fryer

Product NameCosori Smart Wi-Fi Air FryerCOSORI Air Fryer
[Large XL /Max XL]
Fryer Capacity5.8QT ( 5.5 L)5.8QT ( 5.5 L)
Dimensions (L x W x H)11.8*11.8*12.6 Inch11.8 x 13.8 x 12.6
Weight15.88 pounds12.3 pounds
.Programmed Recipes100+100+
Smart ControlAlexa, Google AssistantNO
Mobile AppVeSync appNo
Temp Range170-400°170°–400°F / 77°–204°C
Cooking Presets1110
Enough Food ForServes 3–5 people. 3–5 people
Price100$ – 150$ [Avg $120 ]100$ – 150$ [Avg $120]

Best COSORI Air Fryers 2022

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Amazon N0 1 Seller: Instant Vortex Plus 6 in 1 Air Fryer Review 2022

Instant Vortex Plus is No #1 Air Fryer Seller on Amazon 2022. Now you can experience your favorite fried dish without oil. Instant pot’s Vortex plus air fryer makes it easy to cook any fried food healthily. It uses less oil and makes cooking more comfortable. So there are many customizable Instant Vortex air fryers in the market for your needs (budget, capacity, Design).

Instant Vortex Plus: Capacity

There is a large capacity in this air fryer to cook plenty of amount of food. It enables room for 2 pounds of fries, or you can cook a butterflied 4-pound chicken. There are 6 built-in smart programs included in this air fryer, and you can have some food of various types. Such as you can roast, broil, reheat, bake, and dehydrate in one device.

Instant Vortex Plus: Special Features

Instant Vortex air fryer saves your time with its technology. It heats in a fraction of the time of a regular oven and cooks by blowing heated air around the food. It cooks your food evenly while locking in moisture to give you a golden color, crispy, delicious deep-fried food. Then it makes fast cooking the food. This air fryer cook speedier than other traditional cooking methods.

EvenCrisp technology gives you tender inside with outside, perfectly crispy. Specialty is this air fryer use 95% less oil than other fried food. So it also provides a healthy meal while enhancing the tasty. You can now taste your favorite fried food without suffering from health issues.

When you use this air fryer, you will feel the easiness of cooking as well as cleaning. You can wipe away sticky finger residues from fingerprint-resistant steel within a second. Minimal grease leads to less mess. The air fryer basket and cooking pan are removable and it is also dishwasher safe.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Less oil consumption and healthy cooking.
  • Multi-functional device.
  • Fry the food perfectly.
  • It emits a plastic smell after cooking.
  • Plastic taste mix with food.
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2nd Runner Up: Ninja Max XL Air Fryer Review 2022

Ninja Max XL is released in 2019 and now it has listed as No:1 in the Amazon Best Deep Fryers seller list [4.7 out of 5 stars / 3,291 Global Ratings].

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer can cook fast your favorite food healthier. It is easy to operate and can have delicious food with less oil. It can reduce 75% of oil from food. This has a 5.5 Quart capacity which can air fry 3 lbs. of French fries and chicken wings.

Ninja Max XL Specifications

MaxCrisp Technology: This gives 450 degrees of heated air to cook, and it enables up to 30% faster cooking than Ninja AF100. You can have hotter and crispier food with lesser or no oil. This Air Fryer is a multifunctional device that also can bake, broil, air roast, reheat and dehydrates food.

Parts of Ninja Max XL Air Fryer
  • Main Unit: The main unit enables seven programmable cooking functions. There is an easy-to-use control panel with a digital countdown timer.
  • XL Ceramic coated Basket: This basket has a capacity of XL 5.5-quart, which perfect for families.
  • Ceramic coated crisper plate: This plate allows hot air to get under food all-around crisping.
  • Broil rack: This rack enables broiling performance for delicious finished food while bringing your food closer to the heating elements.

This air fryer also enables an enhanced control panel that includes preset programs with optimized fan speed. This helps to have perfect results from the air fryer.

Cleaning the air fryer is easy since it has nonstick dishwasher-safe accessories.

  • Faster cooking.
  • Healthy frying with lesser oil.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Quality materials.
  • It should be a bit bigger.
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Premium Pick: Philips HD9650/96 Airfryer Review 2022

You can now enjoy healthier fried food without concerning about oil. In this Philips air fryer, air works like an oil, and you can cook food with 75% less fat. It helps to save your time with a Quick Control dial, and four presets for dishes. Air fryer enables to provide four servings at a time.

  • TurboStar Technology: This technology allows us to provide continuously circulating heat to your food while allowing your food to cook with lesser oil. No need to turn the food to fry evenly and you can have evenly fried food at the end. Apart from the heated airflow, there is a powerful direct heat from above the air fryer, and it enables us to get delicious quick crisps food with nice golden brown color. This keeps your food crispy on the outside and tenders on the inside of your food. This TurboStar technology keeps the air fryer instantly hot and ready to use immediately.
  • Operation: Since Philip Airfryer has the new QuickControl dial, you can easily operate the device. You have to turn it to set the right temperature, and then turn it again to set the time. After setting time and temperature, click start. You can even grill, bake and roast your favorite food. You can experience all these cooking options by just one clicking.

And also this air fryer can keep your food in warmer function up to 30 minutes after cooking. It would be best if you no preheated the air fryer since it necessarily starts cooking right away.

This air fryer is also easy to clean within 90 seconds with safe dishwasher parts. There are a removable nonstick drawer and food basket which are dishwasher safe. EasyClick removable handle makes it easy to separate the parts.

  • Healthy frying with less fat.
  • Have more options like frying, grilling, baking, roasting.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Keeps food hot for a specific time.
  • Temperature only increases 25F at a time.
  • Bit noisy

Philips HD9641/96 is a bit older comparing the features price is reasonable. But if you are interested to move into the latest Philips Air Fryer with more features you can go for Philips Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL [HD9650/96]. It’s a bit pricy ($50) than HD9641/96.

Cosori vs Philips Air Fryer Comparison 2022

Nuwave vs Ninja Air Fryer Comparison 2022 review

In short, when comparing Cosori vs Philips, Philips is better than Cosori. Because Philips has better fat removal technology (90+ %) than Cosori (85%) and Philips has higher durability and finishing quality. But comparing the price, Philips is 3 times higher than the Cosori. According to the Size and Weight of Philips Air Fryer gets more space and Weight that can make enough food for up to 6 people once. can Anyway, Cosori is also having different sizes of Air Fryers. Both are having the same 1 year warranty period.

Compared to durability and credibility Philips has more. Temperature range and auto-shutoff function included in both air fryers. Specially Cosori has 100 of Pre-Programmed Recipes for easy cooking.

Air Fryer BrandCosoriPhilips
Frying Capacity5.8QT ( 5.5 L)7QT (6.62 L)
Temp Range170°–400°F / 77°–204°C175°–400°F / 77°–204°C
Dimensions11.8 x 14.3 x 12.7 inches15.55 x 15.55 x 15.67 inches
Weight11.9 Pounds19 pound
Cooking Presets115
Keep Warm functionYesYes
Power1700 W1725 W
Rapid Air technologyYesYes
Enough Food For3–5 people6 people
Model NameAir Fryer Max XLHD9650/96 [ Premium XXL’]
Programmed Recipes100 Recipes
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Auto Shut-OffYesYes
Fat Removal TechnologyNoYes
DisplayTouch Led PanelDigital touchscreen
Temperature control1-60 min1-60 min
Price100$ – 140$ [Avg $120]300$ – 400$ [Avg $120]

Other Philips Air Fryer List 2022

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Best Cheap Air Fryer 2022: DASH 3 Qt Air Fryer Review

You can have healthy fried food with this 1200 watt DASH Delux electric air fryer. This enables with 3 Qt basket, which can make a variety of foods like appetizers, chicken wings, French fries, desserts, and baked foods from a few minutes. This is a removable non-stick basket, which makes it easy to clean.

  • Technology: Dash electric Air Fryer uses air crisps technology to reduce the added fat by 70-80%. This technology cooks food without oil, and also it can maintain the real taste of fried food.
  • Features: Now you can cook or fry your favorite food with lesser time. You can just load the 3 Qt fryer basket and set both temperature and time. Then you can have crispy fried food in a few minutes. It is lesser time than it takes to pre-heat your oven. Further, this air fryer has an auto-shutoff function. This prevents overcooking and burning of your food.

The cold touch housing and handle enables safer use. And also non-stick fryer basket is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe. All non-electrical parts of this air fryer are dishwasher safe. This includes recipe book as well as recipe database access.

  • Low price
  • Easy to clean.
  • Faster & Healthy cooking without oil.
  • Provide higher protection.
  • Protects the real flavor of food.
  • Easy to use.
  • Basket may not big enough sometimes.

DASH 3Qt AirCrisp Pro Air Fryer

DASH 3Qt AirCrisp Pro is also one of the best and latest versions of DASH. This fryer has an oven Cooker with Digital Display, 8 Presets, Temperature Control, Auto Shut Off Feature, Non-Stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide, 3qt capacity.

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Best Largest Air Fryer 2022: hOmelabs Air Fryer Review [11.6 Qt XXL]

hOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL Air Fryer is the newly released first Air fryer from hOmeLabs. It’s having a larger capacity than any.

You can make healthier food with this fryer, without any unwanted odour occurring from frying. This has an 11.6 quartet capacity, which can cook up to 4 lbs of chicken inside, and there is a 1700W heating element to cook faster. As well as this air fryer uses hot air circulation which can reach every part of the food and cooks better without oil.

hOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL Air Fryer Product Features

This enables auto shut-off function and a 1-60 minute built-in timer, which helps prevent overheating and burning of your food. User-friendly LED touch screen display shows the 8 cooking modes in different varieties of food. You can also easily control the time and the temperature of the fryer. This oven has made with stainless steel and thermal protective, double-layered glass doors. You can easily observe the food inside since the door is see-through, and there is a warm inner light.

You don’t have to bother with washing since this is dishwasher-friendly. Rotisserie should clean after every use. And you can clean interior appliances with a nonabrasive sponge. The most important thing is, the appliances should cool well before cleaning.

This also comes with anti-slip feet to ensure stability on any surface. Since this has been made with a double-layered thermal protective glass door, it provides safety. It can avoid burning if you touch it accidentally and also protect the food inside.

  • Rotisserie and Dehydrator function: This air fryer oven’s specialty is that this comes with a rotisserie chicken function, which can roast chicken evenly under 3600 superheated cyclonic air and rotation. Further, it has a dehydrator function with 90-1700F preset settings.
  • Accessories: This enables all accessories you need. There is a rotating basket for fries and roasted food. It also comes with dehydrating racks, adjustable skewer racks, rotisserie fetch tools, rotisserie shaft, and oil trays.
  • High security.
  • Large Capacity.
  • Maintain the flavor of food.
  • Oil-less frying.
  • Auto shut off the ability.
  • Durable.
  • Rotating basket open from the end, and it’s hard to shake fries out.
hOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL Air Fryer Full Review --->
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GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer Review 2022

Now you can cook and taste your favorite food without extra calories within 30 minutes. This air fryer enables frying, baking, grilling, and roasting with less or no oil. You can try 8 pre-programmed cooking functions like fries/chips, chicken, steak, pork, fish, shrimp, cake, and pizza as well as you can use manual controls to customize your needs. This also includes 50 recipes book specially made for GoWise USA Air Fryer.

  • Technology: This air fryer uses Air Circulation Technology to circulate heat around the ingredients and make your fried food crispier. It allows you to cook your food nicely, within 30 minutes or less time. You can have better-cooked food since air circulation occurs evenly around the food. GoWise Digital air fryer comes with non-stick FDA certified and PFOA-free air frypan and basket. This enables with cool-touch handle as well as a removable crisper tray, for easy cleaning.
  • Other features: This air fryer has a 5-Quart model basket, which can make large portions which enough for 2 or 3 fractions at a time. Further, this enables a large touchscreen display with a variety of settings. Temperature ranges vary from 1800F-4000F degrees, and cooking timer ranges up to 30 minutes. An alarm function is to remind you to shake the food in 5, 10, and 15 minutes increments. This enables you to cook food perfectly. And also, the start/ stop button makes it more comfortable to change settings in mid-cycle.

You can easily remove the cooked food without worrying about sticking ingredients and residues. You can reheat your leftovers with this instead of using a microwave.

  • Durable.
  • Enables with alarm function.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Make healthy food with less or no oil.
  • Nonstick.
  • Paint around the lower basket gets touch with food with the time.
  • Enable to cook one dish at a time.
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NuWave Air Fryers Reviews 2022

NuWave is one of the Top Rated Kitchen appliances producers in the market. So there are 3 major Air Fryers that can be recommended to you under different sizes.

NUWAVE BRIO 3-Qt Digital Air Fryer Review

NuWave Brio Digital Air fryer has a 3qt capacity to cook your all favourite food quickly. This also uses less or no oil for fried food. So you can have healthy fast food with lesser oil and calories with the same taste you buy from shops. The temperature range varies from 100F TO 390Fwith five-degree increments. There is a digital touchpad with LED controls to ensure the proper temperature and time with an automatic shut-off function. Frypan basket has coated with non-stick with no PFOA and provides perfect results.

You can cook a massive collection of food in various ways such as roast, bake, grill, toast, broil, and air fry.

  • Enable to cook healthy foods quickly.
  • Have an automatic shut-off function.
  • There is a LED digital touchpad to control.
  • Multitasking air fryer.
  • Frypan basket doesn’t release from base tray.
  • Coating of a fry basket may peels and mix with food.

NUWAVE BRIO 6-Qt Digital Air Fryer Review

This 6Qt. Air fryer perfectly fits with 3 pounds of French fries, four chicken breasts, 2 pounds of wings and much more. This is using super-heated air and unique airflow for cooking healthy, crispy deep fries with less or no oil. The cooking range varies from 100F to 400F with adjustable 5-degree increments. NuWave 6Qt. The air fryer includes a grill pan, baking pan, and cooking rack. You can air fry, roast, broil, grill, reheat, roast, and dehydrate. This enabled the BRIOs cooking technology which uses super-heated air and proper airflow to cook healthy, delicious crispy foods with little or no oil.

This is the perfect size for singles or couples since it’s compact for small apartments and dorms.

  • Multitasking air fryer.
  • Make food with less or no oil.
  • Have super-heated air to fry the food.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Coating inside the pan flake off.
  • Heating element may stop working in frequent use.

NUWAVE BRIO 10-Qt Digital Air Fryer Review

NuWave 10 Qt. Brio Air Fryer has made with a black exterior, and the LED digital control panel can easily control you. The temperature of this Air Fryer ranges from 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can reheat the fryer by pressing a button, and this automatically turns for four minutes at 360 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

This air fryer has a unique ability to program 100 recipes of your choice if you make your favorite recipes frequently. You have ultimate control over your food with pre-heat, warm, and delay setting options. NuWave 10Qt. Air Frye also enables with cooking rack with five skewers to make kebabs and also can use as a dehydrator. 

  • Able to cook healthy food with no oil.
  • Can easily re-heat.
  • Able to program 100, frequently making recipes.
  • Have a cooking rack with five skewers.
  • Non-stick coating peels off.

Nuwave vs Ninja Air Fryer Comparison 2022

Nuwave vs Ninja Air Fryer Comparison 2022 review

When comparing Ninja vs Nuwave, Ninja is better than Nuwav. Specially, Ninja has fast heating technology that helps to make food in less time. But comparing the price, Ninja ($150) is 2 times higher than the Nuwave ($80). According to the Size and Weight of Nuwav Air Fryer gets wider space as well as more weight. Anyway, sizes are not a big matter both Ninja and Nuwave have different sizes of Air Fryers, and can pick any according to your choice.

Moreover, NUWAVE BRIO 7.25 was released in 2017 and has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from 7,400 Reviews. But Ninja AF161 was released in 2019 and it already has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating with 12,000+ Reviews. So NUWAVE BRIO become 77th and Ninja AF161 become 12th in Bestsellers in the Air Fryer category. Also, several other Ninja models are in the first 3 Air Fryers. Then you can have a proper idea about NUWAVE vs Ninja product users.

Comparing finishing quality and durability Ninja has more. Temperature range and auto-shutoff function included in both air fryers. Also, both are having the same 12 months warranty period. Go ahead with your budget.

Air Fryer BrandNinja Nuwave
Frying Capacity5.5 Quart7.25-Quart
Temp Range105F-450F50°F-400°F
Dimensions14 x 11 x 14.75 inches9 x 9 x 12.5 inches
Weight11 pounds 14.6 pounds
Cooking Presets/ ProgrammedOnly 20 Recipe Book100
Keep Warm functionYesYes
Power1750 watts1800 watts
Rapid Air technologyYesNo
Enough Food For3–4 people5-6 people
Model NameAF161Brio 6
Warranty1 Year1 Year
DisplayTouch Led PanelDigital touchscreen
Price130$ – 150$ [Avg $140]70$ – 100$ [Avg $80]

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PowerXL Air Fryer Pro 7 in 1 Review 2022

If you are unable to eat fried food due to calories, now you have a solution. Power XL Air Fryer can cook your favorite fried food with lesser calorie content. You can cook a variety of dishes with this device.

Rapid Air Technology

You don’t need to wait until it preheats. Preheating is not lengthier and the Power XL air fryer heat instantly. Rapid Air Technology enables the air fryer to surround your food with a whirlwind of turbo cyclonic air. This helps to deliver delicious fried food in a crispy texture within a few minutes. Rapid Air technology gives you a crispy taste with little or no oil, without the trans-fat and greasy mess. This leads to having fast food with fewer calories. Power XL Air Fryer gives 70% fewer calories from fat than other deep-fried food.

Other Features

This is a 7-in-1 multi-cooker that enables a deep fryer, dehydrator, rotisserie, convection oven, pizza grill, and oven toaster. It gives up to 400 degrees super-heated turbo cyclonic air surrounds with 3600 air circulation to the food. Power XL Air Fryer enables 1700 watt electricity, and it can cook 4 pounds of chicken at once.

You can have effortless cooking while the air fryer has a smooth operation. With a 6 Qt. air fryer you can cook a variety of food quickly. There are 8 preset digital programs with easy one-touch digital control. This enables air fry, roast, steam, bake, and grill. The digital timer enables automatic shut-off when food is adequately cooked. Further, this allows manual time also and temperature programming options.   

The non-stick air cooker accessories are dishwasher safe and make cleaning more comfortable. You get the following accessories with this air pot set.

  • Power Air Fryer Oven
  • A rotating mesh basket suits for fries.
  • A rotating rotisserie spit.
  • Ten stainless skewers for kebabs.
  • Three airflow racks.
  • Oil dip tray
  • Three recipe books.
  • Easy to cooking.
  • Healthy cooking.
  • Multi-tasking devise.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Less duration warranty.
  • Food may taste like plastic.
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Gourmia 7Qt Digital Air Fryer Review 2022 [GAF735]

You can roast, bake, broil, grill, and fry your favorite food quickly without any oil or calorie. This enables with 8 one-touch cooking presets you can cook a variety of food with just one tap. And also, you can allow adjusting cooking settings up to 4000F for 30 minutes.

  • Features: Gourmia Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer enables with FryForce 360 Technology. It circulates turbo heated air throughout the food evenly, to make crispy fried food without adding oil. This air fryer works under 1700W heat, and it leads to cooking 30% faster than an oven. The sleek display of the air fryer features a combination of cooking presets, touch buttons, and adjustable controls. This has 7Qt removable, non-stick pan, and pop-out basket to make cleaning easy. And also this air fryer is stainless steel. Perfect Crisp system gives exterior crispy, and inside with moist and tender. You can use 8 one-touch cooking presets for mindless cooking or, you can manually adjust the digital settings for a more personalized cooking experience. This also easy to clean since this is dishwasher safer.
  • Healthy Frying.
  • User friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fast cooking
  • Enables with adjustable controls.
  • The fan may stop working with the time.

What is an air frying?

Air frying is a method of cooking that circulates hot air inside your oven at a high speed through the use of convection fans. This cooks food faster and creates a crispy, fried layer and even-browning on all sides using little to no oil compared to traditional deep frying.

Are air fryers healthier?

Most Researches say that air frying is healthier than frying in oil. It reduces calories by 70% to 80% and has low fat. This cooking technology might also cut down on some of the other harmful effects of oil frying.

What can you not cook in an air fryer?

The experts recommended using an air fryer if you prepare frozen foods, make cookies, and cook bacon. And Should avoid putting over-seasoned food items, wet batters, and cheese in your air fryer.

What are the disadvantages of an air fryer/ The downsides?

Airfrying also produces high temperatures at a more rapid speed, therefore making it very easy to burn food. And also charred food may be carcinogenic. In addition, Cucuzza adds, because most devices cook 1 to 3 pounds of food at a time, it can be difficult to make air-fry meals for a larger family.

Video: Is an Air Fryer just a Convection Oven?

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Top 10 Best Air Fryer 2022: Cosori vs Philips vs Ninja, Dash Review & Comparison

Top 10 Best Air Fryer 2022: Cosori vs Philips vs Ninja, Dash Review & Comparison | Overall Best: COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer, Amazon N0 #1 Seller: Instant Vortex Plus 6 in 1 Air Fryer 2nd Runner Up: Ninja Max XL

Health Support
Design [ Size & Weight ]
Energy Efficiency
  • Healthy & Oil-Free
  • Portability
  • High Quality
  • Digital Controls
  • Easy Use.
  • Faster cooking.
  • More expensive than deep fryers.
  • Some can be loud and noisy.
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Hot Summer Deals 2022 🏆

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