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TILE Tracker 2022 Review: Tile Pro vs Mate vs Slim vs Sticker- Best Key Finder 2021

Update - 2021.11.18

WHAT IS TILE Tracker 2022? [ Pro Mate Slim Sticker ]

Last update was on: December 3, 2021 3:33 am

Losing or forgetting portable gadget items (Like Phones, Purse, bags, jackets, Pet, Key, bikes, luggage, laptops) somewhere is the worst-case in our day Today life. Finding those gadget items is a horrible experience which we are always facing. That will waste our valuable time and make us stressed or frustrated.

As a matter of fact, TILE has identified this problem and made an amazing solution for you. TILE Keyfinder is a small type of square-shaped Smart Bluetooth tracking device that you can attach to a Portable gadget item that you are caring about losing. Tile will prevent people from ever losing their valuable items that save time and money. Its Portable Key tag sized small Bluetooth Low Energy device that keeps track of the small or big items by using Our iPhone or Android App which we are always using.

The TILE is one of the most famous lost gadget item finders in the world Today. The TILE company has now sold over 10 million of its Bluetooth-connected devices that run with The TILE app on your smartphone to help you find lost or stolen gadget items, such as your keys, wallets, tablets, bags, guitars and more. Here we have reviewed and compared newly introduced TILE 2022 products called Tile Pro 2022 vs Tile Mate 2022 vs Tile Slim 2022 vs Tile Sticker 2022. All the Tile versions 2018, 2020 and 2022 has been compared here.

Do You Know: The Average American Spends 2.5 Days Each Year Looking for Lost or Misplaced Gadget Items. Read More..

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How does TILE Tracker work?

Tile Pro 2021

In short, The Tile works this way,

“Let’s say you have brought TILE Finder and attached it to your Bag. First of all, after bringing the TILE Key Tracker you should install the Tile app on your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone or Tablet and the App should be paired with a particular TILE Tracker through the Bluetooth connection.

Now the Tile is continuously connected and communicates with your Mobile phone, periodically pinging the Smart Phone to let it know it’s still nearby. The TILE App remembers this, along with the location where TILE is located. For this process, The Tile APP Should always be run in the background of the phone.

If you have misplaced or stolen your Bag at somewhere, you can tack and search using Tile App by following Three ways,

  • Direct Ring your TILE Device

TILE is located close enough to your Bluetooth range (Tile Pro New = 300ft Style or Sport = 200 feet / Mate or Slim =150 feet) and It can be discovered by one ring. When you get close, you can use the app to tell the Tile to Ring at you.

  • Look up Tile by last known location.
The Low Down on GPS Trackers - News

If TILE is not in your Bluetooth range, you can check that place where TILE was last time connected to each other from the Location Map of the TILE App. Then you can arrive at the Places again and Ring the TILE Tracker within the Bluetooth range. The TILE App should be run and always connected with Tile Tracker for accurate location detection.

  • What if Your Tile is out of range

If you are out of range or the Last known location function doesn’t work, millions of TILE App user communities (TILE users Distribution Map ) will support you to find your gadget item. When another user with the Tile app running on their Mobile Phone walks within the Bluetooth range of your TILE, their app will automatically and anonymously update the location of your TILE Tag. If you have Enabled the “Notify when found” function of the App, an updated TILE location notification alert will be sent to your phone. This location will not be shared with the person who updated it. Only you can see the Location.

tile tracker app apple android easy to use and customized - Smart Bluetooth Key Finder Tracker review 2021 | Find YOUR PORTABLE lost items quickly by Tile Pro Mate & Slim-Ring, Mobile App, GPS Map
Tile Tracker Pro Mate and Slim work with Apple and Android OSs

Following functions should be enabled for accurate communication and detection of each other,

  • The Bluetooth should always be Activated
  • The Tile app should always be running the background of the Phone
  • GPS should be enabled.
  • Enable Internet connection with your smartphone.
  • New Tile Ultra Comming UWB-powered AR tracking Feature.

Tile has officially announced the Tile Ultra, its first ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking tag, which will be released in 2022 and Tile Ultra will be the first tracking tag that supports UWB on both Android and iOS.

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Tile Pro 2022 Review in 2021

$99.99  in stock
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as of December 3, 2021 3:33 am

New Tile Tracker PRO 2022 is the most latest smart Key Finder that was introduced in 2021. Year by year Tile products is updated with new smart technologies. Tile tracker is the highly performed smart Tracker through our tracking device testing process. Tile Pro has been updated with extended Bluetooth range (400ft/ 120m), loudest available ring, Extended replaceable battery life (1 year), Water resistance techniques Splash-proof (scored an IP55 rating ). Every feature has been updated when compared with Tile Pro 2018.

On the other hand, Tile has introduced a new extra Premium function which you can get through as paid service. Tile Premium will give you keep tracking records of your location history and a Free battery replacement offer, you can share Tile Pro with your Friends or family members, So you can activate Tile smart Alert service that sends a notification when you leave the device. All these Premium features are available when you pay $3 for a month or $30 annual.

And also New Tile PRO 2022 is perfectly compatible with Amazon ALEXA voice control and Google Assistant as Tile 2022.

Special: Tile PRO 2022 has become Best Sellers Rank #1 in Item Finders & Equipment category on Amazon. (Buy Now). And also got 4.7 out of 5-star ratings through 15,000 reviews.

Tile PRO 2022 Specifications

NameTile PRO 2022
ColourClassic Black & White
Battery1-year Replaceable  Battery
Bluetooth Range400 ft | 120m
VolumeYes (IP67) Louder Than Ever
Dimensions2.32 x 1.32 x 0.3 inches
Item Weight0.5 ounces
Water-ResistantYes (IP67)
Map TypeWorldwide
Item model numberRE-51004
Smart Voice Assistant Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant
Customer Reviews
(2022 November)
4.6 out of 5 stars (Buy Now) 15,000 Reviews
Tile PRO 2022 Price1 Pack $34.98| 4 Pack $99.99 ( NOW 20% OFF Buy Now )

Tile Tracker Seasonal Deals 2021 on Amazon

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Tile PRO 2022 vs 2020

New Tile Tracker PRO 2020 vs 2018 full Review comparison
New Tile Tracker PRO 2018 vs 2020 full Review comparison
NameTile Tracker PRO 2020 Tile Tracker PRO 2018
ColourClassic Black & White Black & White
Battery1-year Replaceable-Battery 1-year Replaceable-Battery
Bluetooth Range400 ft | 120m300 ft | 90m
Bluetooth Range
(open area test )
660 Ft | 201m630 Ft | 190m
VolumeLouder Than Ever Louder
Water ratingWaterproof ( IP55)Waterproof ( IP55 )
Dimensions42mm x 42mm x 6.5mm41.6mm x 41.6mm x 6.5mm
Item Weight2.08 ounces 0.96 ounces
Warranty 1 year YesYes
Smart Voice Assistant Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant
Customer Reviews
(2020 December)
4.6 out of 5 stars[⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]4.3 out of 5 stars [⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆]
Tile PRO Price2 Pack $59.99| 4 Pack $99.99 (Buy) 2 Pack $59.99 | 4 PACK $99.99 (Buy)
tile pro (2020) - 4 pack and tile pro (2020) - 2 pack Best deals New offers

Tile Pro (2020) – 4 Pack for Price history and Free Price Alert

Tile Essentials (2020) – 4 Pack for Price history and Free Price Alert

Tile Tracker Protect CASES

Tile PRO 2020 vs 2018 Bluetooth Range Comparison Test VIDEO

Tile PRO 2020 vs 2018 Bluetooth Range Comparison Test VIDEO

Video summary : Under the open area conditions (In a Playground ) Tile Pro 2020 covered 660 Feet (201 meters) Bluetooth range. This is the highest Bluetooth range which covered by any key finder ever. That’s prity amazing range. Tile PRO 2018 also covers 192 meters.

  • Does Tile PRO 2020 work with WiFi?

Noh. New Tile also still works with only Bluetooth technology. Anyway, It was updated Bluetooth versions (Bluetooth 5.0 technology) and now covers a wide range than Tile Pro 2018.

  • How far New Tile PRO 2020 Bluetooth Range covers?

Pro 2020’s Bluetooth range will cover up to 120m/ 400ft. It’s a big improvement comparing with 100ft/30m of Tile Pro 2018.

  • Can be replaced the PRO 2020 Battery?

Yes. PRO 2020 has a replaceable battery option. You can easily replace the battery without any technical knowledge. Inbuilt battery is garnetted for a one-year time period and after a one-year time battery will die. If you are a Tile premium subscriber you can replace free Battery. Otherwise, you have to buy one.

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Tile MATE 2020 Review 2021

$47.99  in stock
1 new from $47.99
Free shipping
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as of December 3, 2021 3:33 am
New-Tile-Tracker-MATE -2020-Review-and-comparison WITH 2018
New Tile Tracker MATE 2020 Review

Tile MATE 2020 is the middle-sized and budgeted New Tile Key Finder released in 2019 September. It has built with more updated features. Mate 2020 was designed for middle-level customers who interested in the best key trackers with advanced performance. The most important factors are price, Bluetooth range, quick Replaceable battery, Small size..etc.

The price of Mate 2020 varies among $20 – $25. In this Christmas season, it offers a $19.99 price. Compared with Pro [$35] and Slim [$30] price is fair with its features and most of the users buy discounted bulk like Tile Mate 2 pack or 4 pack. (Buy Now) Updated Bluetooth range – 300ft gives more coverage than early versions [2018]. The size of the Tile Mate is smaller than other Tile Pro and Slim.[1.65 x 1.65 x 0.26 inches ] Item Weight (1.44 ounces) also less than PRO. So Replaceable battery option is very important with a one-year battery life warranty. You can simply replace a new battery without any technical knowledge. As every Tile tracker products, Mate 2020 also have waterproof technology. Ringing loudness also higher than the last versions.

Special: Tile Mate 2020 also becomes a Best Sellers Rank #1 in Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment category on Amazon. (Buy Now). And also got 4.3 out of 5-star ratings through 388 reviews.

Note: As same as Other Tile products, Mate 2020 also work with smart devices ( Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri )
So Now Tile MATE can be easily attached to gadget items that you worried about losing.

Tile Tracker MATE 2020 Specifications.

Name Tile MATE 2020
Color White
Battery 1-year Replaceable CR1632
Bluetooth Range 200 ft
Volume Louder Ring
Water rating Waterproof
Dimensions 35mm x 35mm x 6.2mm
Weight 1.76 ounces
Item model number RE-19004
Customer Reviews (2020 April) 4.6 out of 5 stars (Buy Now)
Tile MATE 2020 Price 1 Pack $24.99  | 4 Pack $49.99 ( Buy Now)
Amazon Seller RatingBest Sellers Rank #2

Tile MATE 2018 vs 2020 vs Tile PRO 2020 Comparison

New Tile Tracker mate 2020 vs 2018 and Tile pro 2020  full Review-compressed
New Tile Tracker MATE 2020 vs 2018 and Tile PRO 2020 Full Review-comparison
NameTile MATE 2020Tile MATE 2018 Tile PRO 2020
Colour White White/ Gray Black & White
Battery1-year Replaceable 1-year Replaceable1-year Replaceable
Bluetooth Range 200 ft 150 ft400 ft
Volume Louder Ring Ring Louder Than Ever
( IP55)
Dimensions35x 35x 6.2 mm35 x35 x6.2 mm42 x 42 x 6.5mm
Item Weight 1.76 ounces 0.24 ounces 2.08 ounces
1 year Warranty YESYESYES
Smart Voice Assistant YES YES YES
Customer Reviews
(2020 April)
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Tile PRO Price1 Pack $24.99 | 4 Pack $49.99 ( Buy Now) 1 Pack $18.99 | 4 Pack $34.99 ( Buy Now) 2 Pack $59.99| 4 Pack $99.99 (Buy)
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Tile SLIM 2022 Review 2021

$34.99  in stock
2 new from $34.99
Free shipping
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as of December 3, 2021 3:33 am
New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 Review Updates
New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 Review Updates

New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 is one of the most updated version of the tile Product that introduced in 2019. Especially it has integrated high quilty 3 year Battery life than any older tile devices. This will be the most trending smart portable key tracker device in 2021.And also other most important thing is The Tile Slim 2020 improved it’s Bluetooth range 150 Ft to 200 Ft and Loudness of the ringing.

New Tile Silm fully functions with Amazon ALEXA voice control and Goole Assistant. Tile Slim 2020 has a different look from older TIle Slim finder. The body was designed as a rectangle-shaped design and only available in Black color devices. The size (86mm x 54mm x 2.5mm) of New Tile slim similar to a plastic credit card.

Tile Tracker Slim 2020 Specifications.

Name Tile Slim 2020
Color Black
Battery Built-in 3-year Battery
Bluetooth Range 200 ft
Volume Most Louder Than Ever
Water Waterproof Yes
Dimensions 86mm x 54mm x 2.5mm
Item Weight 1.6 ounces
Item model number RE-23001
Customer Reviews (2020 April) 4.6 out of 5 stars (Buy Now)
Tile Slim 2020 Price 1 Pack $29.99 | 4 Pack $99.99 ( Buy Now)

Refer the Tile Tracker Slim and Sticker 2020 Video Review

New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 and New Tile sticker Reviews
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Tile Tracker STICKER 2022

$29.99  in stock
1 new from $29.99
Free shipping
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as of December 3, 2021 3:33 am
New Tile Tracker STICKER 2020
New Tile Tracker STICKER 2020 Review

The Tile Tracker STICKER 2020 is recently released the best key finder. Tile sticker is a tiny device like a small button. The sticker can be easily attached to any small gadget item that you worried about losing. It’s a binky little button style effort that comes with an adhesive actually attached to the backs and you can stick it onto anything. After stuck, it’s a bit hard to remove from the surface. So Sticker fits with items like cameras, headphones, bicycles, and remote controls..etc.

The sticker has a little lithium battery and a recommended 3-year Battery life. Its body was made by black color plastics and design has shaped like a tiny disc. The Measurements are 27mm in diameter and 7.3mm in depth. But the Bluetooth range [150 ft ] is normal as old Tile slim. The Sticker is also waterproof and has a better Loud Ring. Latest Tile Tracker Sticker also fully supports Amazon ALEXA voice control, Goole Assistant, Apple SIRI.

Tile STICKER 2020 Specifications.

NameTile Tracker STICKER 2020
BatteryBuilt-in 3-year Battery
Bluetooth Range150 ft
VolumeLouder Ringing
Water rating Waterproof
Dimensions27mm x 7.3mm
Item Weight1.6 ounces
Item model numberRE-25002
Customer Reviews (2020 April)4.4 out of 5 stars (Buy Now)
Tile Slim 2020 Price 2 Pack $39.99 | 4 Pack $59.99 (Buy Now)
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How to Find Your Phone or Tab using TILE Tracker

How to Find Your phone or tab using TILE Tracker 2019 best key finder
How to Find Your Phone or Tab using TILE Tracker

When you lost your smartphone or Tablet as well, TILE will provide their Online web service to find your Phone and lost gadget items. For that purpose, you have to Log TILE website with your existing Username and Password which you used in the TILE App. TILE web service will show you where is the current location of your Smartphone in Map and it will provide two options. You will able to ring your phone, even if it is in silent mode and you can hear the ringing sound if you nearby. The other option is “Lost Mode.” which can be used to display a notification on your lock screen providing instructions to anyone who finds your phone. On the other hand, you can use the TILE device to find your phone within the Bluetooth range. The phone can be ringed Using the TILE Tracker buttons.

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Tile Tracker Feature Specs Comparison Chart. [Tile Pro vs Mate vs Sticker vs Slim vs Style vs Sport ]

Here, you can see the comparison of all Tile Tracker Devices as a summary chart. If it’s difficult to access the below table/ chart clearly, you can see the comparison chart as all in ONE IMAGE.

Pro Replaceable Battery
Tile Style
Tile Sport
Mate Replaceable Battery
Tile Slim
Tile Tracker product types
Bluetooth Range
300 feet | 90m
Up to 200 feet
Up to 200 feet
Up to 150 feet | 45m
Up to 100 feet | 30m
42 x 42 x 6.5 mm
37.5 x 37.5 x 5.9 mm
40 x 40 x 5.9 mm
35 x 35 x 6.2 mm
54 x 54 x 2.4 mm
Black / White
Champagne and satin white (White and Gold)
Dark slate and graphite (Black and Gray)
Loudness (8 different ring tones)
128 decibels 3x Volume
98 decibels 2x Volume
98 decibels 2x Volume
119 decibels 2.5x Volume
82 decibels 1x Volume
Battery life
One-year Battery Life and Can be replaced a new battery.
One-year Usage and buy new Tile with 40% discount with Re Tile program
Same of Tile Style
One-year Battery Life and Can be replaced a new battery.
One-year Usage and buy new Tile with 40% discount with ReTile program
Battery model
Lithium Metal batteries
Same as STYLE
Lithium Metal batteries
Best use case
Best for small items like Keys, Pets, guitar, Camera, Bags, Active gear, and Travel gadgets as key Tag.
Same as Pro
Same as Pro
Same as Pro
Best for Wallets, Tablets, Laptops, drones
Water proof dust resistance
Waterproof up to 3 meters for 30 minutes. Dust and sand proof (IP55 technology)
waterproof up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Dust and sand proof (IP68 technology)
Same as STYLE
Same as New Pro
Waterproof up to 1 meter. Dust and sand proof (IP57 technology)
1 x $30.00
2 x $49.99
4 x $89.84
1 x $15.99
2 x $23.75

1 x $18.75
2 x $23.92
4 x $39.75
1 x $23.10
4 x $54.90

1 x $30.00

You can Buy Tile Trackers in any combination in the market now
Model Number
Compatibility - iOS: iPhone (Released 2011 or later), iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad (Released 2012 or later), Apple Watch
Android: Samsung Note (4 or later), Samsung Galaxy (S5 or later), Nexus (4 or later), HTC One (M8 or later), Motorola Moto X, OnePlus (one or later) and most Android
devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later and Bluetooth 4.0 or later.
Warranty - One year
9.6 Total Score
TILE Tracker KeyFinder Review

TILE Tracker KeyFinder is the World's No #1 quality and accurate Portable Bluetooth Keyfinder in the market now. It covers 300FT range today.

9.5Editor's score
Accuracy level
Design (Light Weight )
Price (Reasonable for Bulk Purchases )
9.6User's score
Accuracy level
Design (Light Weight )
Price (Reasonable for Bulk Purchases )
  • Replaceable Battery
  • New Tile Trackers has 300 feet Range
  • Different Ringtones available
  • Water & Dust Proofed
  • World's largest lost and found community
  • The app should be run on background
  • Internet and Bluetooth should be switched on
  • Not a GPS Tracker
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FAQ About Trackers or Key Finders

What is the best lost key Finder or Tracker?

No doubt, The Tile tracker is the most effective and accurate Key finder in the market now. Because of,
* High Bluetooth range (400ft).
* High Ringing volume.
* Replaceable Battery.
* Small and attractive design.
* Best price with different selection options.
* Water and Dust Proofed.
* Well organized Android and Apple Apps.
* Largest Tile Tracker community support.
* ALEXA, GOOGLE Assistant and APPLE Siri support.

What is the loudest key finder in 2021?

The New Tile Pro is the loudest key finder or locater available in the market. It has more than 128 decibels (louder than tile Slim, CUBE, Chipolo vs TrackR Bravo ) sound volume now. And also Tile has 8 types of ringing tones.

Can Tile tracker get wet or is Water Proofed?

Yes. Tile Tracker has developed under IP55 and IP55 and IP57 Technologies. Allow up to 48 hours and 3m for waterproofing. Therefore, Tile is Waterproofed and Dust and sand proof. For more Please check the table. Otherwise, you can Buy a nice cover from Amazon. Check bellow. (link) (image)

Do you have to replace Tile Tracker every year?

Not for all. Because Now you can simply replace a new battery in Tile Pro and Mate. But If you have Tile SLIM and STICKER you have to join with the Re-Tile program. Tile Slim and Sticker don’t have a replaceable battery option. Check below how to Replace the battery in Tile Sport.

Which Tile tracker is the best?

There are 4 types of Tile trackers newly (2021) available in the market now. Those are New Tile Tracker 2020 PRO, MATE, SLIM and STICKER. When you Consider Bluetooth range, Ringing Volume battery replacement The Tile PRO is the most suitable one. If you care about slimness and price Tile Mate and Slim is available for you.
Note: Tile mate can be replaced the Battery and Tile Slim and Sticker cannot. But both have 3-years battery life.

Does Tile have a monthly or annual fee?

Yes. But It’s not necessary. The monthly or annual fee is only for users who required the Pr0emium features. Tile Premium functions allow you to track your location history, Free battery replacement, and share your Tile with others. And also can activate the Tile Smart Alert service for notification when you leave the tile device somewhere. You can get these features for a $3 monthly fee or $30 annual fee.

What’s the ReTile program?

ReTile program is the process of replacing an old Tile device from a new tile tracker with 40% of the price discount. Tile tracker has been designed to run a whole year and No need a battery replacement or charging. After a year you can upgrade your Tile to the latest technology. Choose between Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim. Now Tile Pro, Tile Mate not necessary to join ReTile program. Because you can replace the Battery your own.

How does Tile Tracker community network work?

Tile Tracker community work as a group of smart devices to find your lost item when the gadget is out of your Bluetooth range. When you’re running Tile app on your phone, The app is not only looking for your Tile Tracker but also looking for everyone else’s Tiles as well! When you pass within range of another Tile, your Tile app will automatically (anonymously) update the location of that Tile Device on the owner’s Tile account. If Tile devices set to a “Lost” mode can be picked up by any other phone when that’s within range.

Does Tile Pro and Mate have replaceable Battery?

Yes. New Tile Pro and Tile Mate batteries can be easily replaced your own. It was introduced by Tile in 2021 with the l technologies. Tile Tracker PRO and MATE Battery Replacement Review 2019 one year battery

Which Gadget Items can be tracked with Tile tracker or Finder?

You can have attached and tracked any kind of portable gadget items that you care about losing or forgetting. E.g.: Key, Bag, Jacket, Phone, Tablet, Purse, Bike, Luggage, Laptops, Pet, Wallet, Backpack, Remote controls, Headphones, Children, Cats, Dog, Camera, Drone, Guitar… Etc.

How do I activate a replacement tile?

Replace your Tile Tracker and configure App with new Tile through following simple steps:
1. In Tile app, choose the Tile you wish to replace
2. Select “Details” for the Android app or “More Options” for the iOS app.
3. Select “Replace Tile.” A pop-up message will display and let you know that you are about to add a new Tile Tracker to replace your current one. Select “Continue”.
4. Follow easy activation steps found in this post here.
5. Once you finish the activation steps, your Tile tracker will be successfully replaced with New Tile!

How Far (range) can you track the tile?

If your lose portable gadgets are in Bluetooth range ( 400 ft), just use your tile app on the smartphone and you can listen to Tile tracker ring. NEW Tile tracker now covers a vast Bluetooth (4.0) range than any other Keyfinders. Tile PRO – 400 feet | 122m, Tile MATE and SLIM- Up to 200 feet | 61m, Tile STICKER – Up to 150 feet | 45m. Bluetooth range is most effective at the 120ft range, depends on the environment. If you are out of Bluetooth range, join the Tile Community to find your gadgets and they will let you know.

How much is the Tile key finder Price?

There are three major Tile Trackers available to buy in the market now. It has many combinations to buy with massive discounts with your desire. 

Tile Pro Tile Mate Tile Slim Tile MATE & Tile Slim
1 x $30.00
2 x $49.99
4 x $75.00
1 x $23.10
4 x $54.90
1 x $30.00 4 pack
(2 x Mate, 2 x Slim)
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tile tracker 2020 covers pro mate slim sticker
Tile tracker 2021covers Pro Mate Slim Sticker
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